Curious? This is who we are and what we do.

We make things

We believe that actions make a difference. That’s why we love to make things and try new ideas. We prototype, test and create, whether it’s a brand identity, campaign or product.

We move brands

We believe in an interdisciplinary approach with a strong digital core. That means that the strongest brands are built from the product out, creating a platform for a strong identity and strong marketing.

Services & Competences

Working in the intersection of product, design and communication, we believe the sum of these three is what creates a strong brand experience throughout all touchpoints.


  • Service Design
  • Business Design
  • Product Development
  • Sites & Apps


  • Brand Identities
  • Product Design
  • Design Systems & Guidelines
  • User Experience & Interaction


  • Brand Platforms
  • Communication Concepts
  • Campaigns, Activations & Content
  • Media Strategy & Performance
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We are culture builders.


Culture is who we are, at the core – what we do when no one is watching. It’s how we take care of each other, how we honor our work and better our craft. At OKTO we build the culture we want to show up every day for.

Talent and kindness above all.


Not gender. Not race. Not religious beliefs. If you are a kind person and a talented co-worker, you are an important, valid and definite part of OKTO.

Embrace uncertainty.


We make things. We put strategies, products, designs and ideas that previously didn’t exist into the world. So we help each other in being ok with forging new paths where there previously were none, and we're flexible while doing so.

Make it right.


Since we put new things into the world we also have a responsibility to serve the users of what we make. We strive to create things that make the world a little bit better, things that people ultimately take joy in using, seeing and experiencing.

One percent better, every day.


We believe in the value of personal development. At OKTO we make sure that we become a little bit better at what we do, every day, both in our personal skills but also in understanding each others’ skills. We’ll all be happier that way.

Great people, great work.


And let’s all remember that those two are always in that order.

Get in touch.

If you want to work with us or have us work for you, we’re always up for a chat and a coffee.

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112 34, Stockholm

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